My Life

Today “August 3, 2016” I experienced some life lessons. When you’re in the car with your younger brother don’t bug him, you see if you punch, slap, or kick him just remember there’s no where to run. Because trust me he will get you back.

During the day, my family and I went to the gym, and directly after, we went to look at new counters in Ontario. But, before we went to look at counters we went to subway. While we were in subway a person came into the store and had a gas station cup “Big Gulp” in his hands. He walked casually over to the soda machine and just filled up the cup with soda. And without even paying he just left.

Back to when we were at the counter shop we found a nice black soap stone counter that my parents liked. But I thought it wasn’t that cool. So the worker brought us over to where a different kind of counter was. And we liked it and he said that the Indian Premium black counter “which is the one we were looking at” was about half the price as the Soap Stone.

So we ended up going with the Indian Premium Black counters which I really liked. On Friday we get our counters taken off and a few days after we get them taken off.

Once we came back to the house we did a few things and then got on electronics. Eventually I had to get up and do my chores, I realized that my mom was making Peach Cobbler “YUM”. As soon as I saw her my taste buds started to get excited.

So that will be all thank you soo much if your reading this make sure to follow me and like the blog see you guys tommorow.   August 3, 2016


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