Jessy the Strong Warrior

    Once upon a time there lived a girl who was brave and courageous. She was fifteen-years old with two younger brothers. Her name was Jessy; she protected the kingdom of Manka. Manka was a very expensive place to live in, it was over 1 million dollars just to be a member of that city.

    Jessy had some very hard times of fitting in, she was not rich nor was she from a preppy school. But the emperor decided that she fit the spot of protector of the land. Her family lived in a shack outside of the huge walls of Manka. So Jessy decided that she was going to be protector of the land to earn money to buy food and better shelter for her family.

    Her first job as protector of the land was to fight of bears and wolves to make sure that the city of Manka wouldn’t get invaded by bears and wolves. She got paid ten dollars a day since she was new at the job. She used her first ten dollars to go inside of the city of Manka to buy some Chicken soup for her family. Then she spoke with the king about hearing noises in the woods and he said he would give her a few soldiers to help fight whatever noises there were.

    That morning she awoke early from the shack and went to a specific place in the city of Manka to meet her new helpful soldiers. Their names were John Daren, Smith Adams, and Doner Garcia. They all looked very helpful so she decided that night they would sneakily climb a tree and not be spotted but try to spot something else. This is only Part 1.


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