Patience and Kindness!!!

So today I wanted to talk about what I find challenging in life and what I have found as helpful that I wanted to share with whoever is reading this right now! First thing I wanted to say was that I have a younger brother who requires LOTS of patience. And patience is really hard for me! I’m in the car with him and he keeps poking me in the face or giving my arm a turtle bite and I just wanted to slap him right across the face but I predicted he would slap me back so I thought otherwise!

     So I have figured out a plan to help with kindness towards others! Take a bunch of pieces of paper and right everything that you would consider nice to someone put them in a jar and every day choose at least 3 paper pieces and you have to do what it says. It could be doing the dishes for your mom or sweeping the floors for my brother what ever it is you must do it!

     Now the hardest thing like ever is patience. Have your brother or sibling or friend be really annoying to you and you have to be as patient as possible which I know is really difficult but show kindness to them and whatever you do don’t stop being patient!!

Thank You For Reading This!!!!


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